About Us


Has been in operation for over 10 years. From a humble start in 1996 by a group of seasoned textile executives with the goal of coupling the companys richly experienced employee base with a state of the art dyeing facility. This marriage of technology and experience produced one of the finest, most capable knitting and dyeing operations in Malaysia.

We cultivate strong partnerships with a diverse group of Blue Chip Customers and Suppliers. Driven by a vision, we ventured into distribution and retail by holding the exclusive license to distribute international sport brand, ROYAL COUNTY OF BERKSHIRE POLO CLUB (UK), in Malaysia and Singapore regions. We are relentlessly commited to quality, and our focus on Customer Service is widely recognized.

OUR Mission & Vission

To be a global Leader in the fashion and retail industry distinguished by the creativity,manufacturing, quality, variety of our products and customer service.


Is the most exclusive Polo Club in England. It started in Royal County of Berkshire and brings together not only the lovers of this aristocratic sport but also the most prestigious strata of english society.

In 1985, the legendary Bryan Morrison wanted to create a club that combined talent and natural British sportsmanship with elegant surroundings and ambience. With the same vision with which he produced music for Pink Floyd, Wham! or the Bee Gees, Morrison set up an Icon of Englishness which he devoted himself to immediately.

So resonant was the success of the Berkshireas it is affectionately knowri.The Prince of Wales soon became an honoured lifetime member. Always a lover of prestige and distinction and a professional designer in his youth, the club that Morrison envisioned was also to be leading light in fashion.

Again his vision returned to set a trend.

Since then, RCBPC has become a premier international brand, chosen by those who demand unmistakable class and style also wanting the best things in life.

Today, that label is finally available across the world.